Prepared Martial Arts a RYUKODO educational system teaches life protection through Okinawan martial arts study in a private, small group or seminar setting.  

RYUKODO is an acronym for Ryukyute Kobujustu Hozon Budo Kyokai; a Preservation Society of the Warriors Martial Arts Way of training from Okinawa prior to 1879 (Ryukyu Islands).

In history, the warrior class from Okinawa learned first the Ryukyu weaponry and then its relationship to empty hand technique.  This way of training, first with the weapon, prepared the warrior to automatically be skilled with empty hand techniques when a weapon was not in use.

Our instructors adapt the teaching style to each student’s learning style; we create a respectful, safe and optimum learning environment while keeping with traditional tried and true methods that create growth and skill enhancement.

Ryukyute Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai, Northville, MI and Central Florida.

About the Dojo

The type of martial art we teach (Ryukodo) is rooted in life protection self-defense techniques, there’s no better way to learn to defend yourself.

Students who are already well-versed in martial arts are going to love this education.  Our staff is devoted to martial arts study and it is apparent during the more advanced classes where we are able to help serious martial artists advance their practice.