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Prepared Martial Arts featured in the Orlando Sentinel

We're VERY PLEASED that the Orlando Sentinel wrote about us recently. The accolades that are most important us come from the students that train at the dojo each week, but we're also honored that our local newspaper wrote about what we're doing here. Here's the beginning of the story: Jude Ferguson hears it often, from parents...
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Birthday Party at Prepared Martial Arts

Last month we kicked off our new Birthday Party offering with a party for my longtime friend Todd, who turned 42. What better way to test-drive the dojo for this new purpose than to celebrate with friends? In case you're thinking that parties at the dojo are just a kid thing, think again. About 50...
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Belt Test Success!

This weekend’s Kyu Promotion (belt test) event on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at Prepared Martial Arts was a success.  The success occurred because of the efforts of our students, parents, other family members and friends and the supportive crew that helped us organize the event.    I am very pleased with...

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Our Grand Opening Video

If you missed our Grand Opening, that's okay...we've got video! Check it out. It was a true highlight for the students who've been working so hard to reach their goals. It was also a milestone for me as the owner and founder of a new dojo that's close to my heart. Seeing each student give...
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Round-Up: Articles about Martial Arts for Kids

We’re big believers in the benefits of martial arts for children. But don’t just take our word for it…check out what these respected outlets have to say.

Parenting magazine

Karate Kids: The Benefits of Martial Arts

Activities like tae kwon do, kung fu and aikido are a fun way for...

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What We Teach at Prepared Martial Arts

Prepared Martial Arts is a safe and professionally-minded school that teaches Okinawan karate and kobudo as well as women’s self-defense classes. We have a fun way of teaching our curriculum-focused content that preserves the art of the old warriors way of training from Ryukyu Islands (current day Okinawa) dating back prior to 1879. We...

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