Belt Test Success!

This weekend’s Kyu Promotion (belt test) event on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at Prepared Martial Arts was a success.  The success occurred because of the efforts of our students, parents, other family members and friends and the supportive crew that helped us organize the event.    I am very pleased with our student’s progress and I look forward to their continued growth in skill, good character and as a dojo family.

Special thanks goes out to Sensei (Peter Carbone) & Mary, Sensei (Mary Carbone) for coming all the way from Michigan to help lead the testing and bless this event.   John Krieger, Sensei from Intelligent Martial Arts for sitting in on the testing and showing his support.  Jessica Hergert, Todd and Sarah Ristorcelli and Joni Eden for helping PR this event and keep it organized.  Thank you, Steve Abear and the team at College Park Printing Company for handling all the print work needed for our student handbook and certificates.  Thank you Jason and Colby Lopez for your hospitality and opening your home to concluded this special day.

Again, I am looking forward to seeing each of you at Prepared Martial Arts to train hard and improve.

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