Birthday Party at Prepared Martial Arts

Last month we kicked off our new Birthday Party offering with a party for my longtime friend Todd, who turned 42. What better way to test-drive the dojo for this new purpose than to celebrate with friends? In case you’re thinking that parties at the dojo are just a kid thing, think again. About 50 guests enjoyed a wonderful mix of Asian food set up in the outdoor space behind the dojo. We set up a tent and tables and there was plenty of space for everyone to unwind, and have a good time. [Not prepared to bring in catering? With access to the area’s finest food trucks, party food is easy and delicious. We can recommend food trucks for hire that offer amazing cuisine and service parties.]

Todd birthday

We had an instructional session that included all the adults who were up for something different. They enjoyed learning baton 12 cuts and dis-arms, which are Ryukudo basics that are easy to learn and effective for self defense. We also had a separate instructional session for children who attended the party with their parents. While the adults mingled and enjoyed some vino, I kept the kids entertained and occupied.

birthday party

Are you interested in booking our venue for a grown-up birthday party? I don’t offer a flat rate because these parties tend to be longer and have more options than children’s parties, but give me a call to discuss your specific needs and we’ll come up with a fair rate. 407-467-0364.

Prepared Martial Arts

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