Our Grand Opening Video

If you missed our Grand Opening, that’s okay…we’ve got video! Check it out. It was a true highlight for the students who’ve been working so hard to reach their goals. It was also a milestone for me as the owner and founder of a new dojo that’s close to my heart. Seeing each student give their all and demonstrate their skills is exactly what I hope for as an instructor. So thank you to all the students and the families who support them. Before you know it, it’s going to be time for another belt test!

If you’re a local parent wondering if martial arts is right for your child, come to the May 2nd, 2015 belt test and observe. I think you’ll be impressed with the community that has formed around the dojo that supports the efforts being made by these kids.

And remember that the dojo isn’t just for kids. We had classes for adults, including a Women’s Self Defense class that is getting rave reviews.

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  1. Sensei Ferguson; congratulations on you dojo grand opening. This is the first time I been in your web site. I wish you many success with you new dojo and if their is anything I can help you with I am just an hour away.

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