Prepared Martial Arts featured in the Orlando Sentinel

We’re VERY PLEASED that the Orlando Sentinel wrote about us recently. The accolades that are most important us come from the students that train at the dojo each week, but we’re also honored that our local newspaper wrote about what we’re doing here. Here’s the beginning of the story:

Jude Ferguson hears it often, from parents who’d love to have someplace to take their kids after school, to something that will keep them active and fully engaged.

“Some parents want something that can put some discipline in their child’s life,” he said. “I used to work full time as a youth counselor back in college, and I always had a desire to make a difference in the life of youth. This is an avenue to do that. Part of it is to raise children. It takes a community to raise a child.” Click HERE to read the rest.

Thank you Michael W. Freeman for your story and for understanding what makes Prepared Martial Arts unique!

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